Food likes, eating habits and needs are individually unique and deeply personal. Consequently all information gathered is treated as highly confidential.

At nourish tasmania we aim to make you feel relaxed so that you take time out to reflect on your eating journey so far, consider what might need to change and the steps you will need take to make this change happen.  Your appointments will hopefully feel like a good chat where you direct the information discussed and will generally include:

Assessment – this will include questions about when, where, with whom and what you’re eating (this is where a pre-appointment food diary can save some time but I do understand if not possible), your usual activities, sleep pattern, medications & if relevant symptoms e.g. pain, bloating, differing bowel habits.  I will identify the positive and negative parts of your self-care and what is required for your best self-care for your medical condition  

Goal Setting – We will create short and long term goals based on your current capacity for change

Education – Together we will make a list of topics you need and  want  to know more about such as diet management of your medical condition, why there is a need to change, specific food & nutrition topics from healthy fats to where to buy gut friendly bread.

Review – Change is always a journey with life meandering alongside so it’s important to review progress along the way to change goals as needed and learn more so that you get the outcome desired

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