nourish tasmania

nourish tasmania is a group of Hobart based dietitians, who want to help you get the most out of your life. We would love to guide you to feed yourself well so that you can think, feel, move, sleep and live fully nourished.

Our Team of Accredited Practising Dietitians

Fiona Rowell
Founder & Mentor

Raised on an Irish fruit farm (, Fiona has always appreciated the importance & joy of eating good food.  Trained in the UK, she was lured to this magnificent State by a wonderful Tasmanian man over 20 years ago.  She was fortunate to extend her professional practice at the Royal Hobart Hospital with rotations through all clinical areas & food service until landing her dream job in paediatric care.

Never a fan of restrictive eating, her goal has always been to be a compassionate dietitian empowering clients to discover what works best for them as individuals to achieve their health goals and live life to the full.

“I am delighted to introduce you to my talented colleagues who are committed to my vision of quality client centred care to meet your individual needs.”

Rachael Lewis
Our low Carb Queen

Hailing from Queensland, Rachael has come to nourish tasmania via clinical practice in the UK, Melbourne, Royal Hobart Hospital, Diabetes Tasmania and her own private practice “Down to Earth Nutrition”.  She is passionate about eating real food to maximise taste, eating pleasure and diet quality, whilst optimally fuelling your body.  As a busy wife and mum of 2 primary school girls, she has lots to tips and tricks to make easy & appetising low carb/healthy fat meals, the first line of treatment for insulin resistance, Type 2 Diabetes, abdominal weight loss and fatty liver disease.

Rima Aalto
Paediatric & Allergy Specialist

After a bit of a nomadic earlier life, Rima has settled in Tasmania with her Swedish husband and two little girls. With 9 years of experience as a dietitian, Rima has been focussing on paediatrics for the past few years. Rima joins the team with personal experience in managing food allergies and fussy eating and an interest in all things paediatric. She looks forward to supporting you with your feeding issues and help you put the joy back into your family meals.

Brie Lagerewskij
Coeliac guru and go to person for all things Gastrointestinal

Tasmanian born and bred, Brie holds a Masters degree in Dietetics and has been working as an Accredited Practising Dietitian since 2015.

Brie, having successfully managed her own diagnosis for the past 5 years, has a world of knowledge on all of the ins and outs in the dietary management of coeliac disease and can help you to live a healthy and happy life gluten free!

Brie also has a keen interest in the dietary management of many other gastrointestinal related conditions, including the low fodmap diet for IBS, and she brings to her practice experiences that she has gained working in Tasmanian public hospitals in a variety of different specialty areas, including working with gastroenterology teams.

Brie is a passionate advocate of lifestyle changes to facilitate nutrition that can improve your symptoms and your quality of life.

Georgina Taskunas
Talented and energetic new graduate

Raised with a wonderful Lithuanian food culture and background in dance, Georgina has always had a passion for health. The day she finished her master’s degree she was offered a position working full time as a community dietitian back in Hobart. Georgina now works in private practice and has also been completing locum work at St John’s Calvary Hospital managing the oncology and rehabilitation wards.

Georgina loves educating people about nutrition and she places a strong focus on positive body image and taking a holistic approach to achieving good health. Georgina is extremely excited to be joining the team at ‘nourish tasmania’ and cannot wait to meet you!

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