About Me

Fiona Rowell
Accredited Practising Dietitian

I’m a compassionate Hobart based dietitian,wife & mother with a mission to show you that a good diet can be simple andhelp you feel your best whatever your age.   

I completed my initial degree training in the UK over 20years ago and have expanded my skill set with different work opportunitiesnamely clinical nutrition, aged care, diabetes, sports nutrition, food service,child & adolescent nutrition and gut health.

Currently I’m privileged to work every Tuesday with the Paediatric Oncology team at the Royal Hobart and spend the rest of my working week at ‘nourish tasmania’ working with children, families and adults who have medical conditions that require some manipulation for therapy or as part of an investigation.  I also support many clients who seek practical help to sort through confusing media messages to plan the best diet for themselves.

I am particularly interested in children’s nutrition and their ability to self-regulate their intake so I love working with families to manage kids eating issues so that meal times are an enjoyable stress free zone and children grow up to be competent & healthy eaters.   

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